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        Technical Support 

Com2servu is honored to have you as our client. Our commitment to you is the service that we provide.paragraph here.

Always keeping on top of the trends. Our Site Managers from each location completed training in Handling of Technical hardware and received the highest rating during certification. Rest assured that your equipment and your environment is safe with us.

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Services You Can Depend On

  • PC Repair/Upgrade
  • Break Fixes / PC Refresh
  • Laptop Repair / Upgrade
  • Computer Networking
  • Installation & De-installation of equipment
  • Wireless Networking
  • Router / Firewall
  • Data Migration and Recovery
  • Data Backup
  • DSL & Cable Modem Setup
  • POS Installation & Service
  • High Speed Scanners / Printers / Copiers
  • ​Wall mounted TV installation
  • Computer Recovery/ Recycle